[Sca-cooks] Knight Templars

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 16:30:13 PST 2007

In my previous message I indicated that we cannot research our sources 
due to my physical state and pain at this time please forgive me. Our 
most passionate memories are walking the Way of St. James. Ponteferrada 
is the most gorgeous city in the world if one wants to study  Knight 
Templars.  Legend has it that all the gold and silver from Spain was 
taken somewhere thru tunnels constructed by them and the Romans. No I 
have no more data then folkloric but I have walked every stone you can 
imagine. A lovely novel it could be. Knight Templars could have been gay 
or men with a cause. As far as I know the heads in Spain began with 
nobles. I find them fantastically intelligent as they began in 
Ponteferrada on Roman ruins. It is said the grail is in Valencia due to 
them . Anyway we have seen it every time my family marries in the 
cathedral there or we go there just because. I cannot say whether that 
is right or wrong.

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