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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 29 12:38:26 PST 2007

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i posted my ideas to a metalworking e-mail list i belong too and one of
the members suggested that i not stop at just the spit and baumkuchen
oven but also build a spit jack. i googled 'spit jack' and have looked
at several examples of clockwork driven spit jacks. mainly photographs
on historic food and colonial sites. given the knowledge of the few
scaers i know i figure that scaers would be the group to ask about plans
and the workings of clockwork driven spit jacks.

the metalworking member's url concerning a spit jack:

below is my original baumkuchen oven request to the metalworking e-mail
list. < < SNIP > > > >

Clockwork that intricate would likely have been a result of "modern"
technology.  I have not seen jacks quite that intricate in the 1300-1400
that I focus on, though that doesn't mean they don't exist there or later.
I useually remember the dog or person operated crank up and rachet down

I believe that some sort of clockwork is avialble in sketches . . . does
anyone have those handy?  Does Cindy Renfroe have something like this in her
collection of sketches?

niccolo difrancesco

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