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Dental caries show up in human fossils and remains of all periods, but 
apparently they were rare prior to the Neolithic, when there was a increase 
in dental problems (the attendent societal change is from hunter/gatherer to 
agriculture).  References or evidence of dental problems occur in most 
societies in Antiquity.  The Ebers Papyrus (approx. 1550 BCE) discusses some 
of the problems and treatments in ancient Egypt.

There is apparently a sharp and continuous increase in caries after 1000 CE 
(roughly the start of the widespread use of sugar in Europe).

While it is not a subject of great interest to me, the following URL is of 
some interest and provides a brief bibliography for further research.



> Trying to recall my citations which are extremely ill documented.
>    Today I thought about bear teeth problems because they eat a lot of
> honey as did people before sugar. So that is where you are helping me
> clean up my job. In the Middle Ages we do not have cavities documented
> in relation to loose of teeth as far as I can see in relation to some
> three areas of dentistry. The fourth is the recourse to extract the
> tooth of the area affected.  I think that is where we are lacking info,
> why were so many teeth lacking from corpses by age 20 for example?  Too
> we have lack of calcium especially in women birthing from 14 years too
> we cultivate hard grains. That takes us up to the Vandals or when??? . . .
>    Sugar maybe an indication of cavities at some point in history but I
> think my Henry IV of Castile, my Henry, and his court had more problems
> then that.
>    Yeah the subject goes on but I don't want to mess up your internet
> time with me.
>    Sorry we are trying to put my brains back to work but we are rather
> lame due to my pain. . . but we are very hopeful that tomorrow I will be
> better and will be able to remember more. Thank you for baring with me.
> Susan

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