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Am Dienstag, 30. Januar 2007 13:55 schrieb Terry Decker:
> "And let it simmer with butter to make it yellow or not".  The butter is
> the coloring agent.
> While boil is a valid translation where you have it, I would choose the
> word simmer instead.

Unfortunately, the recipe doesn't indicate that connection. The soup will 
probably end up yellow anyway, including both butter and egg, but there is no 
causal relationship, just a sequence of imperatives (typical for German 
recipe style). 'Make it yellow' is common in German period recipes and may 
refer to saffron, though it is not always specified as such. 

Aufsieden is the kind of 'coming to a boil' where the surface stirs and rises, 
at least in the majority interpretation over here. I think you'd render it 
'bring to a boil'. 

Modern beer soup, made very similarly, has a relatively low alcohol content - 
under 3% - but it is by no means alcohol-free. That also depends on what kind 
of beer you start out with. German brews are rather more robust than much 
that sells in the States, I hear. 


> ----- Original Message -----
> From Rumpolt.  27. Biersuppen mit Eyerdottern
> su:eß gemacht/ vnnd mit Butter auffsieden
> lassen/ machs gelb oder nicht/ vnd wenns auffgesotten hat/ so saltzs ein
> wenig.
> (my translation, I could be wrong)  Beer soup
> with egg yolks make sweet/ and with butter
> (auffsieden = boil?)  /make yellow or not/ and
> when it has (auffgesotten =boiled?)/ salt a
> little.
> Has anyone tried this?  Would "make yellow" mean saffron or perhaps
> safflower?
> How much alcohol is left in the soup, is it
> something we could serve at feast?  What happens
> to the cook standing over the pan breathing the
> fumes? :)
> Modern recipes are quite similar, but usually
> have flour, milk, and cinnamon too.
> Ranvaig
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