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ranvaig at columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Wed Jan 31 20:43:03 PST 2007

>Greetings!  The photos for the recent Cleftlands (Midrealm) feast 
>are up on a web site (http://cleftlands.cwru.edu/directory/menu.asp) 
>along with information about other feasts and subtleties done by 
>Master Aiden, Hely and assorted others of my barony.  For the 
>subtleties folk, look at the butter fence and sugar paste goblet as 
>well as other sugar paste items.  These guys, especially Aiden, are 

Everything looks lovely, but it sure shot my feet from under me!! 
That feast was awfully familiar.

I've been asked (for the first time!!) to submit a bid for feast at 
Red Dragon in Sept.  I'd started planning a Spanish feast, but found 
that a neighboring group is doing an Andalusian feast.  So scratch 

I planned a menu from Welserin/Rumpolt several years ago and was in 
the middle of updating that into a proposal.  The Cleftlands feast 
(only two hours from here) had SEVEN!! of the same dishes that I was 
working into my proposal!  WAIT, that's MY feast!  Only some of the 
side dishes were different.  I guess it means that my ideas were good.

I started this long ago, but obviously wasn't being unique enough. 
At least it was posted before I submitted my proposal, so I didn't 
look like a copycat.

Back to more research.   I might still propose a German feast, but am 
dusting off my German, trying to read some of the untranslated 
recipes on Dr Gloning's site.

I love those sugarplate dishes with the blue line.


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