[Sca-cooks] Beverage Thanks

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Mon Jul 2 07:46:38 PDT 2007

> I like the idea of the children refilling vessels on the table and will look
> around and see what I can come up with that is better than plastic
> pitchers.

You may want to start with plastic pitchers from the dollar store, and 
work up to 2-quart beer pitchers-- usually $3-5 at restaurant supply 
stores. My experience is that you don't want glass or ceramic in local 
group equipment if you can help it, and affordable metal pitchers I've 
found seem to all give off a tang.

-- Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika jenne at fiedlerfamily.net 
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