[Sca-cooks] "dillegrout" or "dilligrout"

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Adamantius mentioned "dillegrout" or "dilligrout":

<<< Incidentally, regarding earlier incarnations of blankmanger under
other names, we may need to consider a dish about which very little
is known: dillegrout. It has been alleged (I think by Leonard
Wibberley, in a book about English Coronation ceremonies) that
dillegrout was a traditional Coronation dish, and that it may have
been a porridge similar to blankmanger. As I recall (I have no access
to any more information than what I am telling you now; don't even
bother asking ;-)  ), this was supposed to have been a throwback to
old English (as in pre-Norman) Coronation feasts; it may have been
intended to add legitimacy to the claims of Norman kings that they
"ate like Englishmen". Anyway, I vaguely recall reading that
dillegrout has been served at several English coronation feasts, some
relatively recently (say, Edward VII), and that there is alleged to
be a family with a hereditary title of Royal Dillegrout Pottager (or
some such). You might look in the Florilegium for more info on
dillegrout, possibly dilligrout.  >>>

I didn't remember those terms being talked about previously, so I did  
a search on the Florilegium and got no hits on either spelling. I'll  
save this for future discussion on blanchmanger, though. :-)

A web search finds a lot of chaff to dig through, especially since  
the word apparently appears in Harry Potter. The book "Forgotten  
English" also mentions it. "Even cookery is represented, with recipes  
and tips for making the best dilligrout, horse-bread, and uzzle-pye.  
So have some glig (fun) with the English of our ancestors!

In paperback from William Morrow.
ISBN 0-6881-5018-7. "

I think we've talked about "horse-bread" here before. I don't  
recognize "uzzle-pye", though.

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