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How about?the flying Blue Angels? 

How about Julia Child's logo?

My personal idea would be to get the red one and do gold knotwork on it-with a hawk, of course! <G>

Hmmm, how about this for a new Food Station Show- "Pimp My Kitchen-Aid!"

Helen Hawksworth
Maybe a little too much Heraldry in her dream kitchen?

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Since many of these are based on Alton Brown's flame-embellished 
KitchenAid on his TV show GOOD EATS, I'm not surprised that those 
predominate.  The rest seem to be variations on the Motorcycle theme.

The Flying Tiger fighter plane nose art has appeal though.

OK, how would you do this in a "female oriented" way?  How to express 
MORE POWER without grunting testosterone?   My first thought is Wonder 
Woman.  OR maybe Barbie.  There is that pink KitchenAid they sell to 
benefit breast cancer charities, hmmm?


Johnna Holloway wrote:
> I suppose since they sit out on the counter all the time
> in many kitchens, people get ideas and that leads to decorating.
> And if one has an older one then maybe this spruces it up.
> Does it strike you that many of these seem to be male oriented?
> I have also noticed that
> the range of basic colors has increased since I bought mine.
> Johnnae
> Lilinah wrote:
>> Dunno if other folks have seen this... don't bother to customize your 
>> car - no, now it's customized KitchenAids mixers - with decals, 
>> airbrushing, and other painting... even a Hobart...
>> http://flameka.com/pictures.aspx

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