[Sca-cooks] List Statistics for Jun 1, 2007

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 22:48:17 PDT 2007

Daniel Myers wrote:

> -=-=-=- top ten posters by number of posts -=-=-=-
> 2. Suey (21 posts - 5%)
> -=-=-=- top ten posters by content -=-=-=-
> 1. Suey (score: 30469)
> -=-=-=- Top Scoring Posters -=-=-=-
> 1. Suey (40)
    Mi family and I think that what all this means you like my content 
but I blabber too much (their background music is ha, ha, ha MOM, you're 
right OK, we love you and the CD of Aida playing as well!)???  but "top 
scoring posters?" we don't know what that means among all these 
categories. Lovie could you please explain them to us outsiders cause I 
am not in your world for points. Its just I have issues with you guys in 
which you help me, all of which I appreciate so much.
    At the end of the day I thank you for all your encouragement and 
help. I feel such an obligation to my readers to be creditable but no 
one more than you people can edit my work in Spain and America, no one 
knows as much as you. You are the ones who are the tops for me cause you 
help me so much.
     I am nothing without you all your help.
Thank you for the bottom of my heart, not for points but for your help,

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