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I would think whole with stub green ends and the root end.  You could 
always do some of each.


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>This one is period-- Thomas Hyll, The Gardener's Labyrinth
>"And to preserve the Rape or Turnup roots to serve the winter and Lent
>time, the owner may work after this manner, by washing first the roots,
>and these raw, bestow in ranks one upon another, and in each rank strew
>salt, fennel seeds and sauerie [savory], or onely cover them with salt,
>close couched, and on such wise letting these remain for eight days,
>powre so much fair water on them as will cover them, which done, let the
>vessel stand in some vault, or seller, to serve for the above said
>times, or longer if the owner will, if so be he fill up the vessell,
>when these lie bare and drie." p. 171.
>Now, here's the question: when I do this, do I use whole or sliced
>turnips? I'd think whole ones. Also, should I top and tail them, or
>leave them with the stub end of the greens and the root end?
>Yes, I'm getting ready for my Pennsic class. :)
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