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Thu Jul 12 12:32:46 PDT 2007

Ah! I see, not Kataifi.
An Atayf recipe

>From this site

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I'm going to guess that the pancake thing Perry is talking about is an
ancestor of a modern Middle Eastern dessert called 'atayif (that's the
transliteration I see most often -- the "k" in Arabic is not pronounced like
a "k" in English, but almost like a glottal stop...so that's why I think
this is the same name.)

Nowadays 'atayif are small, sort of silver-dollar-sized pancakes that are
filled with sweetened cream (ashta) or with sweetened chopped nuts, shaped
like pockets and served with a simple syrup flavored with rose or
orange-blossom water.

How does Perry describe them and which recipe are you looking at?  I'd be
curious to see more...

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