[Sca-cooks] Sugar

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Mon Jul 16 05:22:03 PDT 2007

Our sugars here are labeled as to cane sugar or beet sugar or possibly 
and then they are often labeled as to which states they originated from.
So one comes across premium brands like
Maui brand  http://www.mauibrand.com/
Organic Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar
Besides organic sugars, we also have sugars that are labeled as fair 
trade sugars.

Michigan raises and processes sugar beets so it's common to see Pioneer 
locally. http://www.michigansugar.com/

I mentioned Cuban sugars because the US continues to have a trade 
embargo against
Cuba so we don't see Cuban sugar in the US.


Suey asked :
> we have no idea from where our sugar comes from. DO YOU?

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