[Sca-cooks] Concentrated drinks shelf life

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It's fine.  There is a high concentration of sugar and vinegar in it,
nothing is going to grow.  Now, when you dilute it and make it drinking
strength - that concentration goes down and it will go bad in a few days. 

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I made some sekanjabin and some syrup of lemons today for Pennsic, and when

I took them downstairs to the fridge, I discovered that we still have a lot
 sekanjabin syrup from last year.  It's perfectly clear and smells  
completely normal, but my husband is worried that it might not be any  good.
I seem to 
remember that sugar syrups are pretty stable and don't  really even need to 
be stored in the fridge, but will last for a long  time.  Anybody have any 
ideas how long this stuff will last?
I've had syrup of lemons develop cloudy, lumpy stuff in it and at that
I throw it out.  But as I said, the sekanjabin from last year looks  
completely normal.

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