[Sca-cooks] Concentrated drinks shelf life

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Thu Jul 19 19:22:32 PDT 2007

Brangwayna asked:

<<< I made some sekanjabin and some syrup of lemons today for  
Pennsic, and when
I took them downstairs to the fridge, I discovered that we still have  
a lot of
  sekanjabin syrup from last year.  It's perfectly clear and smells
completely normal, but my husband is worried that it might not be  
any  good.  I seem to
remember that sugar syrups are pretty stable and don't  really even  
need to
be stored in the fridge, but will last for a long  time.  Anybody  
have any
ideas how long this stuff will last?  >>>

Years if the syrup has enough sugar in it.  This discussion has come  
up here periodically. There are first hand accounts in this file of  
five years or more of storing (and forgetting about) some sekanjabin  
and it still being good.

jalabs-msg        (71K)  7/ 3/04    Drinks with a sugar or honey- 
syrup base such
                                        as Sekanjabin (Persian Mint  

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