[Sca-cooks] Pennsic "Addresses"

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Thu Jul 19 19:38:38 PDT 2007

<<<  Gunthar and I will be camping at Shauna's Camp at W11, right  
where Great Middle Road meets Roman Road and across from La Familia  
Gladitoria.  You won't be able to miss our big blue and white striped  
Regent tent with the red trim. >>>

Ah, right next door. Well, almost. Certainly closer than where  
Gunthar has camped before, with Ansteorra.

I will be camping with SPCA (Phlip's camp) in W10 across from the end  
of the peninsula, and if it is similar to previous years, very close  
to the lake.

Yes folks, still no job, but I've decided to come to Pennsic. The job  
market appears to be much better than it was last summer/fall or the  
year before that. So hopefully I won't have to live on our savings  
for too much longer. Still no offers, but I have, hopefully, a few in  
the works. I had to decide by tomorrow (Aug. 20) or lose my pre- 
registration and Southwest Airlines still had some of the cheaper  
fares available, although not as cheap as they were last week. So I  
will do my usual, because that is when the cheaper fares are, and  
arrive on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 31 and leave in the  
afternoon of the last Saturday, August 11.

If anyone is going to be picking someone else up at the airport near  
that time, perhaps we can work something out and save my household or  
someone else from having to drive to the airport.

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