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Mermayde Keepe in E16 - next door to Pentwyvrn.  Don't know what we'll be
doing for a mailbox this year - the old one went on walkabout with some
drunken partiers last year, and limped home a few days later in poor
condition.  But we're right at the lake where the Great Eastern Hwy turns
and goes around towards the bog.  (Phlip's back door neighbors).

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>Just for our information (and anyone else who is interested), Gunthar and I
would like to know exactly who is coming to Pennsic and where you'll be
camping, so if we're wandering around and want to visit, we can meet up with
some of you and talk in person (for once!).
I'll be in Little India in E02,  on Low Road, east of Chandler's way, right
next to the solar showers, in a grey Viking tent.  It's quite close to the
class tents.   I'd love a chance to meet anyone from the list.

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