[Sca-Cooks] dazed and confused

terry l. ridder terrylr at blauedonau.com
Mon Jul 23 21:41:07 PDT 2007


okay, sorry i did not make myself clear the first time.

many of the lists hosted by lists.ansteorra.org up until
sometime on 23 jul 2007, had publicly open archives. anyone
was able to read the list's archives. obviously they could
not post to the list without being a member.

the sca-cooks list was one such list. people who were not list
members were able to read the list's archives using their web
browsers. this was a nice feature in that it allowed a person
to read the list at their leisure and not have to receive
e-mails from the list.

the sudden shift in list policy raises questions as to why.
suddenly lists which have been publicly readable for years
are now suddenly member only.

On Tue, 24 Jul 2007, Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:

> I note, both from the fact that you're posting here and from checking
> the ansteorra.org site (a privilege of membership I occasionally take
> advantage of), that you are a member of this list. Now, if you're
> unable to read archives from other lists to which you are not
> subscribed, as has been suggested elsewhere, there may be better
> places to bring the question.

i read the list via the list archives feature. i prefer the list
archives and the various viewing options over individual e-mails.
i have read sca-cooks far longer than i have been a member. i felt
no need to clutter the sca-cooks list with my noise.

i was also able to bookmark specific msgs that i wanted to have
for reference. all those bookmarks are now useless because the
urls have all changed. i either have to edit hundreds of bookmarks
or abandon them. others who have booked mark sca-cook msgs will
find that the urls no longer work.

> It's not clear to me what the problem is. Many people on this list
> spend a fair amount of time and effort developing and nurturing a
> spirit of community that you won't find in many other lists.
> Membership is too much to ask?

many people who are not members of the list were reading it because
it was publicly readable by anyone. the information, community spirit,
and general sca awareness was reaching many people. now suddenly those
people find themselves being shut out unless they become list members.

the spirit of community was just flushed down the toilet when the list
archives were suddenly switched from publicly readable by anyone to
member only.

> Now, if membership is too much to ask to read 20 or 30 lists, well,
> we all have had to prioritize, I'm sure.

why don't you climb down from your condescending throne and mingle the
the 'normal' people of the world.

> Adamantius

terry l. ridder ><>

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