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As Master A. requested here are the entries from the OED.
Hope this helps  Johnnae

*pastie* p/e/enticons/macr.gif/i.sti. (Chiefly pl.) A covering for the 
nipple of a strip-teaser's breast.*
1961* /Washington Post/ 17 May A3/6 Miss Mason was lying on the floor 
with nothing on except the scantiest of brassieres, known in the trade 
as `pasties'.

*1975* /New Society/ 23 Oct. 198/3 Go-go dancers in New York are not 
allowed to dance completely nude; they wear g-strings and mini bras or 
nipple-covering `pasties'... For the dancers to get a tip, the `pasties' 
usually have to come off.

Gotta love the English.  OK looking under  paste

*paste* p/e/enticons/macr.gif/ist, sb. Also 4-8 past, 5-6 paast, 6 
payst(e, 6-7 paist. [a. OFr. /paste/ (13th c. in Littré), mod.Fr; /pâte/ 
= Pr., Sp., Ital. /pasta/:-Com. Romanic /pasta/ (instanced in L. in a 
medical sense `a small square piece of a medical preparation', Marc. 
Empir. /c/ 400), generally supposed to be ad. Gr. 
/pa///enticons/acute.gif/sth//, also pl. /pasta///enticons/acute.gif/, 
pastai//enticons/acute.gif/ barley porridge, sb. uses of 
/pasto///enticons/acute.gif/j// sprinkled. ]

*1. *Cookery. *a. *Flour moistened with water or milk and kneaded, 
dough; esp. (now only) with addition of butter, lard, suet, or the like, 
as used in making pastry, etc.
*1377* Langl. /P. Pl./ B. xiii. 250 Þanne wolde I be prest.;paste [/v. 
rr/. past, paast] for to make, And buxome and busy aboute bred and drynke.
*1390* Gower /Conf./ I. 294 The levein of the bred, Which soureth all 
the past.
*C. 1430* /Two Cookery-bks./ 45 Make fayre past..and keuere þin cofyns 
with þe same past;

*Also there's paste-meat*, pastry; *paste-pin*, a wooden pin for rolling 
paste, a rolling-pin
*paste-wife*, a woman who made and sold `pastes' (sense 7) and other 
articles of female attire (obs.). ·  *1550* Crowley /Epigr./ 32 Her 
mydle braced in, as smal as a wande..some b[u]y wastes of wyre at the 
*paste wyfes hande. 1570 pastewife

*pasty* p/enticons/ipa305.gif.sti, p/e/enticons/macr.gif/i.sti, , , sb. 
Forms: 4-5 pastee, paste, 4-6 pastey, 5 -eye, -ay, 5-7 pastie, 6 -ye, 5- 
pasty. [ME. /pastee/, a. OFr. /pastée/ adj. of ppl. form (L. type 
/*pasta/enticons/macr.gifta/), from Rom. /pasta/     paste i.e. 
something made of or with paste. OFr. had also the corresp. masc. 
/pasté/ (L. type /*pasta/enticons/macr.giftum/), whence perh. ME. /pasté/. ]

*a. *Formerly, a pie, consisting usually of venison or other meat 
seasoned and enclosed in a crust of pastry, and baked without a dish; a 
meat-pie. Now usu. a small pastry turnover containing meat and 
vegetables (see Cornish pasty), or fruit. Also transf.

    * *A. 1300* /Land Cokayne/ 54 in /E.E.P./ (1862) 157 Al of pasteiis
      beþ þe walles, Of fleis, of fisse, and rich met;
    * *C. 1300* /Havelok/ 644 Bred an chese, butere and milk, Pastees
      and flaunes.
    * *C. 1386* Chaucer /Cook's Prol./ 22 Many a pastee hastow laten blood.
    * *1390* Gower /Conf./ II. 208 And bad ordeine for here mete Tuo
    * *C. 1460* J. Russell /Bk. Nurture/ 490 Venesoun bake,..Kut it in
      þe pastey;
    * *1525* Ld. Berners /Froiss./ II. cxiii. 325 Botelles of wyne..and
      pastyes of samonde, troutes, and eyls.
    * *1659-60* Pepys /Diary/ 6 Jan., The venison pasty was palpable
      beef, which was not handsome.

 Here comes the Cornish mention-- note the date.

    * *1877* /N. & Q;/ 14 Apr. 297 /The Divisions of an Orange/... The
      word `pasty' is used in Cornwall, from the likeness to the shape
      of the Cornish pasty baked without a dish.

Pasty meaning Pastry as in *pasty-crust*, *-lid*, *-maker*, *-wench*.

·  *1311* /Letter Bk. D City of London/ lf. 133 b, Ricardus filius 
Gregorii le Pastemakere attachiatus..pro eo quod indictatur in Warda de 
Bisshoppesgate quod ipse est noctivagus.

·  *C. 1460* J. Russell /Bk. Nurture/ 631 Open þe pastey lid;

·  *1562* Turner /Baths/ 14 Beware of..pies and pasticrustes and all 
vnleuened breade.

·  *1584* Cogan /Haven Health/ iv. (1636) 27 Hard crusts, and 
Pasticrusts, doe engender adust choller.

·  *1631* /Celestina/ xv. 166 That old pasty-wench.

Pasty as pasty faced seems to be 17^th century.

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