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As I understand the chronologic terminology, there is an overlap between 
Late Antiquity (300-600 CE) and Early Middle Ages (500-900 CE), the two 
terms being used to describe the continuation of classic ideas and society 
and the disruption of classic ideas and society respectively (dates 
dependent on source).  Either term could be applied to the period from 476 
CE to 751 CE, depending upon where and what is being considered.  (Two 
schools of historic thought, perchance?)

The High Middle Ages, IIRC, is usually measured from roughly the end of the 
Carolingians to the Fall of Acre and the end of Outremer.

Of course, the definition of each of these terms depends on which scholar 
you are dealing with at the moment.


> Most scholars refer to that period as Late Antiquity, with the early 
> Middle Ages being roughly corresponding to the rise of the Carolingians.
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> Terry Decker <t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>  In the minds of the scholars who choose to use Early Middle Ages to 
> describe
> the period between the fall of the Western Empire and the rise of the
> Carolingians, rather than refer to the period as the Dark Ages.
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> Where was it the Middle Ages already in the fifth?
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