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Not expensive enough, and I'd come. 

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I was thinking about doing a totally fancy feast. It would
be very expensive, costing diners $20 - $25 probably.
But it would be done in an all day, period fashion with
courses brought out at various times with musicians
and entertainment.

The theme would be the Greek Gods with each course
being dedicated to a god or group of gods.

My thought would be to start with Aphrodite and have
dishes of aphrodisiacs like oysters, asparagus, peaches, etc.

The next course would be dedicated to Poseidon with
the bounty of the sea. Grilled lobster, mussles, salmon, bacalo, maybe sea
berry salad, frits de mere.

Then would be the bounty of the land in praise of Demeter
with breads, frumetty, leeks in almond milk, cakes and other vegetables.
With this would be the praise of the hunt for Artemis with venison, wild
boar and game birds.

The final course would be for Dionysus with a flight of wines, grapes, fruit
and digestives.

Bags in honor of Apollo (god of travellers) containing dried meat, fruit,
cheese and travel breads would be given as a parting gift.

Each course would be preceeded with servants carrying ewers of warm
rose-scented water and towels for hand washing.

This would have to be pretty small and expensive, but I think there are
enough folk that would find this groovy enough to pay the price.

If I were to carry this theme to a more traditional SCA feast I would just
have platters made with each dedicated to a different god. Combine the first
and second then the third and fourth courses into one course and eliminate
the wine. The dishes would also be far less expensive.

Still, I think it is a fun idea.


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