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Fri Jun 1 16:32:37 PDT 2007

For what it's worth, we have always interpreted "Persian Milk" as 
yogurt and it works in the recipes.

>The Spaniards proudly claim the Persians brought yogurt to Spain which
>is perfectly logical but when translating the recipes from laban into
>Spanish they say leche not yogur. I have reviewed all my stuff and took
>a good gander at the below as well. All I can find are two references
>Perry makes in the Anon. translation to laban but does not specify if
>the recipes he is talking about could have been made with yogurt or
>milk. In Medieval Arab Cookery he indicates that laban can be either
>milk or yogurt but most likely yogurt. Can I say it is possible that the
>recipes in which he cites laban could have been made with yogurt?
>Further taking into account yogurt was used in Persian sauces, eggplant
>dishes and stews I would think yogurt could appear in many of the Anon
>recipes instead of milk but can I state that?
>Food Timeline <http://www.foodtimeline.org/index.html> history notes:
>muffins to yogurt. _http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodfaq2.html#yogurt_
>Stefan's dairyk-prod-msg - 1/23/05
>Perry's remarks on yogurt in _Medieval A__r__ab Cookery._ Trowbridge,
>Wiltshire: Prospect Books. 2001
>And Perry's translation of _An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th
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