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I'll see if I can round it up, it is part of the Tuscan Dinner Party class.

Basically it is a standard crème brulee recipe, but the milk is steeped with
lavender flowers before being made into the custard (strained prior to
completing the recipe).  
I was appalled to see that when I first got there, they were buying the
packages of pre-cut herbs from Whole Foods, and the Lavender was greenery
fronds!  Yum, a nice medicinal smell to your dessert - blech!  I brought in
my personal baggie of lavender flowers and made it up - and lo! everyone was
amazed at how good it was!
I'll see if I have that recipe here at home, or get it off the computer at
work when I'm there this month (June is Summer Camp month!  I'm teaching 4
cooking summer camps this month, to tots, teens, and Girl Sprouts!)

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Shortbread would be good with the lavender ice cream.
Some curried fruit would be good with the curry coconut.

We do a lavender crème brulee in one of the Viking classes.  With the crisp
sugar coating, it is quite lovely.
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Barring trademark or copyright preclusions, do please avoid spoon teasing on
that one!

niccolo difrancesco
(Pizzaiolo again after 7 months to the day)

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