[Sca-cooks] cookbooks for diabetics

Caointiarn caointiarn1 at bresnan.net
Sat Jun 2 20:49:09 PDT 2007

The best cookbooks/recipes would be the ones you already use.  Granted, if 
your favorite recipes are high in sugar & fat, you may want to modify them. 
Your new person can probably tell you what their "carb" limit is/ how they 
eat already.  It's the same balancing act we all do:  diet & exercise; 
diabetics have additional medications to help maintain "normal."

Hi, I'm Karen, and I have been a diabetic for 4 years . . . .

>A young diabetic has entered into our odd little assortment and now <> Who 
>knows which cookbooks are the best for diabetics?  > We'd like the ones 
>that produce food you'd actually want to eat.
> Thanx
> Morgana

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