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Years before I discovered the SCA I had a Lebanese friend who had lived in Alexandria before coming to the US.  He stated that in [modern] Arabic, laban means yoghurt unless you are in Egypt, in which case laban means milk.  He also stated that the promised land was the land of yoghurt (not milk) and honey, and that the original translators had learned the Egyptian version of arabic (and gotten it wrong).  This was in casual conversation, and you may place what value you find appropriate on his words. 
  Being a bit cautious, my interpretation of his words is that in Lebanon and Syria, and possibly other Arabic countries, laban means yoghurt.  Lebneh (I am writing it the way he said the word) is yoghurt cheese.
  Cordelia Toser

Elaine Koogler <kiridono at gmail.com> wrote:
  It would seem to me that the modern name, in Arabic, for yoghurt "cheese",
which is yoghurt that has been drained of its whey, is labineh...at least
according to one recipe I have....


On 6/1/07, Suey wrote:
> The Spaniards proudly claim the Persians brought yogurt to Spain which
> is perfectly logical but when translating the recipes from laban into
> Spanish they say leche not yogur. I have reviewed all my stuff and took
> a good gander at the below as well. All I can find are two references
> Perry makes in the Anon. translation to laban but does not specify if
> the recipes he is talking about could have been made with yogurt or
> milk. In Medieval Arab Cookery he indicates that laban can be either
> milk or yogurt but most likely yogurt. Can I say it is possible that the
> recipes in which he cites laban could have been made with yogurt?
> Further taking into account yogurt was used in Persian sauces, eggplant
> dishes and stews I would think yogurt could appear in many of the Anon
> recipes instead of milk but can I state that?
> Food Timeline history notes:
> muffins to yogurt. _http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodfaq2.html#yogurt_
> Stefan's dairyk-prod-msg – 1/23/05
> http://www.florilegium.org/files/FOOD/dairy-prod-msg.html
> Perry's remarks on yogurt in _Medieval A__r__ab Cookery._ Trowbridge,
> Wiltshire: Prospect Books. 2001
> And Perry's translation of _An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th
> Century:__
> __http://www.daviddfriedman.com/Medieval/Cookbooks/Andalusian/andalusian_footnotes.htm_
> http://www.daviddfriedman.com/Medieval/Cookbooks/Andalusian/andalusian3.ht
> http://www.daviddfriedman.com/Medieval/Cookbooks/Andalusian/andalusian_contents.htm
> Suey
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