[Sca-cooks] mint water

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jun 3 13:03:59 PDT 2007

Since mint derives from Old German probably from the Latin, menta, I would 
say that mint was definitely known in Europe in the Middle Ages.  There are 
references to mint in Cato, Pliny and Martial.  It is also very likely that 
the Legions brought mint to England.  Because of the relative strength of 
flavor, peppermint would probably be used in medicines, while spearmint 
would likely be used as a flavoring agent in salads, vegetable dishes and on 

While I don't have any recipes to hand, to quote Jonh Gerard, "Mentha. 
Mints.  Garden Mint taken in meat or drinke warmeth and strengtheneth the 
stomacke... and causeth good digestion."


> Hmmm. Interesting. That makes me come up with a number of questions.
> 1) Did mint grow in medieval Europe? I'm assuming it did, but wanted
> to verify. Because when I think of foods with mint, I think more of
> the Middle East than Europe.
> 2) If mint was used in medieval European dishes, how was it generally
> used? As decorative sprigs? Or added as the above mint water? Or
> added along with a mix of other fresh herbs?
> Stefan

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