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> Carole Smith wrote:
>>  . . . He also stated that the promised land was the land of yoghurt
>>  (not milk) and honey, and that the original translators had learned the
>>  Egyptian version of arabic (and gotten it wrong). . .
> How about Genesis 18:1-15? Picked a clip up on Internet that Abraham did
> not serve curds or curds and whey but yogurt and milk to the three
> strangers in the hospitality message. What does your Bible say? This of
> course takes us back to Miss Muffitt. Did she eat cottage cheese,
> custard or yogurt? When did yogurt get to England by the way? Was it
> before Dr. Thomas Muffitt, Mary Queen of Scots or later? When did yogurt
> in English take on the Turkish name?
> Susan

According to the OED, the word appears in English around the beginning of 
the 17th C:

1625 PURCHAS Pilgrims II. IX. xv. §9. 1601 Neither doe they [sc. the Turks] 
eate much Milke, except it bee made sower, which they call Yoghurd. 1687 A. 
LOVELL tr. Thevenot's Trav. II. 25 A kind of Butter-milk by them [sc. 
Turks] called Yogourt, which they drink.

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