[Sca-cooks] mint water

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Mon Jun 4 07:21:12 PDT 2007

> 1) Did mint grow in medieval Europe? I'm assuming it did, but wanted  
> to verify. Because when I think of foods with mint, I think more of  
> the Middle East than Europe.

Yes. Not only is it mentioned in Walafrid Strabo's 9th century poem 
_Hortulus_ but Strabo specifically says that its varieties are "as many 
as the sparks that fly from the forge of Vulcan..." 
> 2) If mint was used in medieval European dishes, how was it generally  
> used? As decorative sprigs? Or added as the above mint water? Or  
> added along with a mix of other fresh herbs?

It was used in the ways that other fresh herbs were used. It appears in 
cooked and uncooked salads and as a pot herb. 

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