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In a message dated 6/3/2007 4:37:45 PM Mountain Daylight Time, Suey writes:
> Carole Smith wrote:
> >  . . . He also stated that the promised land was the land of yoghurt (not 
> milk) and honey, and that the original translators had learned the Egyptian 
> version of arabic (and gotten it wrong). . . 
> How about Genesis 18:1-15? Picked a clip up on Internet that Abraham did 
> not serve curds or curds and whey but yogurt and milk to the three 
> strangers in the hospitality message. What does your Bible say? This of 
> course takes us back to Miss Muffitt. Did she eat cottage cheese, 
> custard or yogurt?

New King James Version (copyright 1996 by Thomas Nelson Publishers)
Gen 18:8 says "So he took butter and milk..."

Masonic Bible (King James Version?? copyright 1975 by The National Publishing 
18:8 says "And he took butter, and milk, ..."

New International Version (copyright 1993 by Zondervan)
18:8  "He then brought some curds and milk..."

Revised Standard Version (referenced by another person already)
"curds, and milk, ..."

I can't find my New American Standard, but I suspect it would be the same as 
the King James and use "butter" as the two translations are usually remarkably 

My Spanish Bible 
"Antigua version de casiodoro de reina (1569) Revisada por cipriano de Valera 
(1602) otras revisiones:  1862, 1909 y 1960"
"Tomo' tambie'n mantequilla y leche, ..."  

According to my copy of Strong's Concordance, the Hebrew word translated in 
King James is "chemah" curdled milk or cheese:--butter

Don't ask me why he would serve "butter".  Doesn't sound very appetizing to 
me!!  Maybe a translating issue?

A sus ordenes,
Constanza   </HTML>

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