[Sca-cooks] Master Hroar is in the hospital

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Fri Jun 8 08:10:25 PDT 2007

This was posted this am on another of my lists.
I thought everyone would like to know on this list as well.
I know that many of us get these lists on digests and might not have
heard this news yet.


Friday, June 8th, 2007
  2:08a Hroar is in the hospital.

Hi! This is Huette, Hroar's wife speaking to let Hroar's friends know
what is happening to him. It is going to be at least a week, if not
more, before he will be posting here. But once he is home, I am
positive that he will be back and interacting with you all again.

He has been having angina attacks lately, especially after one day
events where we had to set up and take down in one day. I have been
nagging him to go to his Dr. which he did and she recommended a
cardiologist. He went to see that cardiologist yesterday. His
appointment was for 11 am and he came home around 2 pm and told me
that the cardiologist said that he was close to having another heart
attack and that he wanted Hroar to go to the hospital immediately. So
I took him. Hroar was supposed to have the angiogram this morning but
they postponed it until 2 pm. But they didn't take him in until 4 pm.
What they told us afterwards was that he has 6 blockages. Two need an
angioplasty with a stent. Two need by-pass surgery. And two are too
small to bother with, at least at this moment. A year and a half ago,
he had an angiogram in Bloomington, where they discovered 3 blockages,
but they said they were small and had him on medications. Things
obviously have changed. His surgery will be on Monday. In the mean
time, they are going to put him through some tests and make sure that
his kidneys won't give him problems and that his other arteries, such
as his carotids, are clear or not. He probably will be in the hospital
through June 15th, at least.

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