[Sca-cooks] Goose Wars- OT for some

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Sat Jun 9 06:45:56 PDT 2007

OK, so I had to seperate the birds so that they had enough room in
their cages, the cages being rather small, and the geese being rather
large. I decided to keep my 8 (4 ducks and 4 Roman geese), which are
also a couple weeks older in one pen- after all, since they're all
mine, I wanted to be sure they got along, and the 6 younger geese, the
3 turkey poults, and the 4 "extra" chicks in another. Eventually, I
moved the turkeys and the chicks into another cage, to relieve the

I started letting them outdoors, first by putting the older ones out
in a pen with feed and water, but, after a few days, they learned to
escape it at will. I'd come down the hill and see them out and yell at
them, and they'd do everything in their power to get back in, but
being in a hurry, would completely forget how they got out in the
first place, so I'd catch them, give them a talking to, and put them
back in. Eventually, I gave up, and simply directed them into the
field, where there's plenty of grass for them to eat, and I provided
them water in a stainless steel buffet pan, in which they'd drink and
bathe (understanding I had to haul water down and replace it several
times a day).

And, started the younger geese on the same regimen, first the pen,
then directed into the field, hopefully to get along with the older

I believe I mentioned their first encounters, with the ducks being
quite agressive, along with the geese, and chasing the younger ones

Did I mention that both ducks and geese herd wonderfully? Because the
latest the older geese have come up with to keep me busy, is herding
the younger geese up the hill by the house (and the road) where they
know perfectly well I don't want them to be, trying to sneak up
themselves, and get the younger birds in trouble.

So, the other day, I had herded them back down the hill, cussing the
older birds for chasing the younger ones, and was trying to move the
younger birds even further down the hill, so they older ones can't
herd them so easily. Of course, the older ones decided to put out a
picket line, and, in essence, told the younger ones, that they weren't
letting no scabs cross THEIR picket line. The older birds, btw, are
white with a couple black ducks, and the younger ones are all greys.

So, I went back up the hill, got some food, and gave it to the younger
ones, and sat down, facing the older ones, telling them they weren't
going to bother the younger ones and steal their food (never mind,
both flocks are in the middle of a field that's loaded with plenty of
succulent grass, which they all love).

Of course, the older ones had to talk back, and stomped up to me,
heads extended, informing me that they had their goosy rights, and
THEY were going to get some of that food!!! "No you aren't", say I, at
which point the younger ones come up behind me and start catcalling
(goosecalling?) at the older ones, peering around my shoulders and
saying, "You can't get us, Nyaaah, nyaah..."

About this time, Goldenrod appears with his flock of favorite ladies,
and decides HE is going to get some of that food for himself and his
ladies, and starts chasing first the older geese, then the younger,
out of his way. He's doing just fine, but while the geese let him have
his way, they don't want no truck with no sissy hens, and they run
them off.

And yesterday, I added the turkeys and the young chickens to the mix...

Stay tuned for more Goose Wars...

Saint Phlip

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