[Sca-cooks] Missing recent Digest

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Jun 9 19:46:44 PDT 2007

Urtatim asked for a particular digest:

<<< I don't know how it happened, but i am missing a Digest, Vol. 14,  
Issue 9
(it's either from Tuesday night, any time Wednesday, or very early  

If someone who gets the Digest could possibly forward it to me, i'd
be very appreciative. >>>

I have sent this to you in another message. I'm sending this to list  
so maybe you don't get too many copies of the digest.  This has  
happened to me more than a few times, so I'm happy to reciprocate.  I  
used to get copies at both work and home, which gave me duplicates  
when one didn't show up at home, but work has now gotten so chaotic  
and busy (Dell, a sweatshop? Yes.) that there are no spare moments at  
work to even glance at SCA-Cooks digests or edit Florilegium stuff.

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