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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Jun 13 19:41:10 PDT 2007

Gunthar declared:

> Or send it to Stefan

Nah. It's WAY too big for the Flori-thingy.
Besides, he attended the class. >>>

No, it isn't.

I suspect it is under 60K characters in size. Even if it isn't, I  
don't even worry about a file being too big until it is over 100K  
characters at which point I will consider cleaving off part of the  
file as a new file, for message files, or break it into two sections,  
such as I did for Lady Brighid's Libre del Coch translation. And  
there are no graphics or photographs in the handout. I know I have  
some much, much larger files when you include the size of the  
included graphics.

Yes, I would be interested in putting it in the Florilegium. If I get  
a copy of it electronically, it shouldn't take me very long to get it  
online since it doesn't appear to have any complex formatting  
required. If I know someone is waiting for it, I will push it to the  
top of my priority list, as I did for Alys' recent comfits article.

Yes, I did attend your class. But if I have to type it in, it will  
take much, much longer to get it online. It comes down to how I  
allocate my time. In the time it would take me to type it all in, I  
could edit three or four files send to me electronically.

My standard policy is that the writer keeps the copyright, and I will  
accept updates at any time. I am also willing to replace it with an  
article, as opposed to a class handout, if you wish to do that in the  

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