[Sca-cooks] Potjies

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 14 08:29:03 PDT 2007

I got my potjies the day before I left for the class. They
were quite late and my first email to the company was
never answered. After a few weeks I got pretty angry
and sent another email to their customer service demanding
some kind of response.

That got answered by the president of the company who
apologized for missing my first email and assuring me they
sent out another set.

I got the set on Friday and was impressed. They are preseasoned
and are coated in some kind of oil. A quick washing got the ick
off but the steel is just fine. No rust at all. The pots look GREAT!
Although made of cast iron they are pretty much the same shape
as seen in period woodprints.

I got a three-legged and round bottomed pot. The round bottom
hasn't been opened yet but I roasted a chicken in the legged pot
and it worked great. There are a couple of disadvantages from my
modern dutch oven. One is that the top is a little narrow so getting
the chicken in was a little cumbersome. The other is that coals don't
sit as well on the round lid and the heat is a bit less even. I do think
it would be superior with liquid ingredients. Another nice thing about
the round bottom is that it collects the juices from the chicken very
nicely and could be used to cook vegetables.
Oh, another problem is the lid is sometimes difficult to get closed

So far I like them. They look great and the legged model has done
very well in its first cooking run.

You can check the store at www.thecellarstore.com
I also am eyeing the nice looking kegs.


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