[Sca-cooks] Lemon syrup.

Daniel Phelps phelpsd at gate.net
Thu Jun 14 19:04:21 PDT 2007

Was written:

Soapstone spreads heat evenly and well, so well that Tulikiva (I think
that's spelled right) uses it in  wood fired stoves designed for heating
rooms.  The big drawback is they, like ceramic tiles, can break easily.

My response:

Soapstone, also know as steatite, is talc, a magnesium silicate. It is used
for laboratory table tops and lab sinks as it is unattacked by acids.   We
have a number of both in our building.  I do recall reading that it was and
is traditionally used in wood stoves in Europe because of its heat retaining
qualities. It is rather soft. Pure talc can be scratched with a finger nail.



Daniel C. Phelps, P.G.
Florida Geological Survey

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