[Sca-cooks] Pennsic?

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 15 16:44:39 PDT 2007

As Vittoria already knows, and as i posted to the Spit Cooking list, 
i'll be cooking a dinner for the King and Queen of the West and their 
guests one night of Pennsic Week 2, although i don't yet know which 
night. Since Queen Kaaren has decided to do Persian this reign, i 
offered to cook some period Middle Eastern food for her.

Vittoria, i'll send you the info i got from the Spit Cooking list... 
Get thee behind me, Wal-Mart! (my feet will never set foot in one)

This is my first Pennsic and i'm registered for the Enchanted Ground, 
and i am SOOOO clue-free about just about *anything* having to do 
with Pennsic, other than bring clothing to get from 100 degrees F and 
90 per cent humidity to nearly freezing, including hail storms, 
thunder storms, wind storms, and i don't remember what all else. I 
mean, i've read mass quantities of people's on-line Pennsic packing 
lists and accounts of some extreme experiences, but i'm still 
nervous/anxious/concerned, since i'll be driving out over 2,500 miles 
alone - i'm not nervous about the driving - i generally enjoy driving 
and i enjoy traveling - i'm just worried about arriving and 
discovering i didn't bring something that i really need and/or i 
brought a bunch of stuff i don't need.

I've made a basic packing list for myself... and i'm gonna begin 
staging my Pennsic stuff in the living room after West Kingdom June 
Crown in a week.

For example, i'm still trying to figure out if i need my feather bed 
and my down quilt. If i'll be too hot and they'll get wrecked in the 
rain, i'd rather leave them home. On the other hand, i am cold when 
the temperature is below 75 F. On the third hand, i am discovering 
that in my old age i'm not handling heat as well... or maybe i'm just 
having some trouble when it gets over 85 because it's rarely that hot 
for more than one or two days in a row - and it seem to take me a day 
or two to adjust. On the fourth hand, we had a little heat recently 
(up around 90) and i opened lots of windows, but rushed to close them 
when i started to get cold because the temperature had dropped, i 
discovered, to 78 (brrr)).

My land lady has graciously accepted to put my second row car seats 
and the third row bench seat into her garage (i'm in the second floor 
flat, so i don't have driveway or garage access) so i'll have a lot 
more room in my van. I'm guessing i don't need to bring a whole lot 
more than i usually take to a West Kingdom weekend event (where the 
weather can range from sunny and almost 100 during mid-day to foggy 
and 40 at night), except more clothing and a clean dry set in the car 
for the last day - i usually drive to and from events in garb out 
here. But i'm taking the seats out because i figure i need room for 
all the booty i'm planning to buy... You mean, there's a War going 
on, too? I thought it was a Medieval shopping event!

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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