[Sca-cooks] Pennsic?

ranvaig at columbus.rr.com ranvaig at columbus.rr.com
Fri Jun 15 18:57:25 PDT 2007

>So, who is going to Pennsic? Any plans for get togethers?
>I'm hoping to get to invade Phlip's encampment and do
>some open fire cooking since we can't do it in our own camp.
>I'd love to cook for a Cook's potluck, I just need to know
>which day I'll have to put my armor up and spend cooking
>and shopping.
>So, anything planned?
After dithering for months, I bought our memberships last night.  I've been told I have the days off, but its still not on the schedule.  I'm camping with Little India, who are doing their Biyari, period Indian dinner on Tues night.  I'm cooking feast at the Irish festival in Ohio Sunday afternoon, and am planning to wash up, pack everything and drive to Pennsic on Monday.  I hope to get there mid afternoon, but don't know if we will be organized enough to make it to a potluck.  I'll be happy if the tent is up and the van parked by dark.  I'd love to meet everyone though.

Personal issues had me in a black hole for the last month, but I'm doing better now.


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