[Sca-cooks] Pennsic?

Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 12:31:28 PDT 2007

> This is my first Pennsic and i'm registered for the Enchanted Ground,
> and i am SOOOO clue-free about just about *anything* having to do
> with Pennsic, other than bring clothing to get from 100 degrees F and
> 90 per cent humidity to nearly freezing, including hail storms,
> thunder storms, wind storms, and i don't remember what all else. I
> mean, i've read mass quantities of people's on-line Pennsic packing
> lists and accounts of some extreme experiences, but i'm still
> nervous/anxious/concerned, since i'll be driving out over 2,500 miles
> alone - i'm not nervous about the driving - i generally enjoy driving
> and i enjoy traveling - i'm just worried about arriving and
> discovering i didn't bring something that i really need and/or i
> brought a bunch of stuff i don't need.

Don't worry about forgetting something....Butler  is nearby  and you can get
pretty much whatever you need.  Groceries can be purchased at Giant
Eagle...It's a terrific grocery store.  I have a friend who actually orders
fresh leg of lamb from them in quantities to feed his clan!!

> For example, i'm still trying to figure out if i need my feather bed
> and my down quilt. If i'll be too hot and they'll get wrecked in the
> rain, i'd rather leave them home. On the other hand, i am cold when
> the temperature is below 75 F. On the third hand, i am discovering
> that in my old age i'm not handling heat as well... or maybe i'm just
> having some trouble when it gets over 85 because it's rarely that hot
> for more than one or two days in a row - and it seem to take me a day
> or two to adjust. On the fourth hand, we had a little heat recently
> (up around 90) and i opened lots of windows, but rushed to close them
> when i started to get cold because the temperature had dropped, i
> discovered, to 78 (brrr)).

I'd say you should go with whatever will make you most comfortable.
However, should you leave the feather bed and down quilt at home, then
discover that you need it, you should be able to purchase a warm sleeping
bag.  That actually is the downside IMHO...the main place to get that sort
of thing is a Wal-mart.

My land lady has graciously accepted to put my second row car seats
> and the third row bench seat into her garage (i'm in the second floor
> flat, so i don't have driveway or garage access) so i'll have a lot
> more room in my van. I'm guessing i don't need to bring a whole lot
> more than i usually take to a West Kingdom weekend event (where the
> weather can range from sunny and almost 100 during mid-day to foggy
> and 40 at night), except more clothing and a clean dry set in the car
> for the last day - i usually drive to and from events in garb out
> here.

Just be aware that, given the vagaries of the weather, it's a good idea to
have a couple of sets of clothing, from the inside out, for each day.

> Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
> the persona formerly known as Anahita

Hope this helps...


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