[Sca-cooks] Obleys, wafers etc

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 11:07:01 PDT 2007

Elise Fleming wrote:
> The Velazquez dictionary gives "rolled waffle" as one of the meanings of
> "suplicacio'n" - if this will add to the confusion!  No listing for
> "cautillo".  The "-illo" ending sometimes makes a diminuitive.  Out of
> curiosity, who translated "un ciento de cautillos de suplicaciones" as
> "obleys"?  What happened to "ciento" which means either "hundred" or "one
> hundredth"?  (I suspect it is the latter??)   
Sorry, first of all there is a typo here it is not "cautillo" but 
cantillo (little tube). In my edition of Don Quijote the commentaries 
are by Luis Astrana Marin who states in footnote 20 of that chapter, 
page 1798 that "these are very thin tubes made with "hostias" or 
"barquillos". Yeah in my haste mail the message last night I  
inadvertently omitted the word "ciento". To me it means the doctor is 
telling Sancho Panza  to eat 100 barquillos. Also I just said quince 
that's incorrect in this case I think membrillo refers to quince jelly 
not just plain quince.

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