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Daniel commented:
<<< In the United States many talc or soapstone quarries are located  
along the
line of the Appalachian Mountains from Vermont to Georgia.  The major
producing states are California, North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia."  

Oh? There are soapstone quarries in Texas? I'll have to see if I can  
find them and whether they sell direct or through a Texas location. I  
use soapstone in my pewter casting, particularly for my hands-on  
pewter casting class. Until my source went out of business I was  
buying my soapstone out of Canada and paying almost as much to ship  
it as it originally cost me. It was somewhat ironic the year I taught  
my pewter casting class at Pennsic, since the raw stone got shipped  
from Toronto to Texas, cut into slabs for class use and then shipped  
back north to Pennsic for my class and then the remainder got shipped/ 
carried as luggage back to Texas.

The only site I've heard of in Texas was a pile of soapstone from an  
old train wreck within a few hours of Austin. Unfortunately it would  
require trespassing on private land to get to it, I'm told.

<<< Talc is of course a mineral while soapstone is a rock.  As such  
soapstone is
typically an admixture of several minerals with talc predominating.   
I can
try and provide old world locations if anyone is interested. >>>

Yes, I would be interested in knowing the old world locations. I know  
the Norse made pots and such from soapstone and used it for casting  
molds, but it would be nice to have more specific info on where it  
was obtained/available in period.  It probably didn't get shipped  
very far being rather heavy.

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