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We did this for a Performing Arts Symposium several years ago.  We
approached the hall as a tavern, and had entertainment in the evening.  The
food was available (we had a steam table line to serve from) all day long,
with more food hitting the table at the anticipated 'meal times'.  It worked
really well, it was no more expensive than a regular feast, and we got to do
several dishes that people could try out along with some basic roasted meats
and sauces.  
One of the number one comments we got from that event was "We LOVED the
all-day food thing!!!" :)

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    Please forgive the interruption.  A group in our area has a very
"relaxed" event that allows for an "all day feast" situation.  I was
wondering if any of you have experienced something such as this, what your
feelings were about it, etc.  The landed nobles have indicated that they
would want me to start with a "brunch" type course and end with a late
evening "snack".  Their Excellencies want those feasting, to be notified (by
herald) of each course and then be excused after said course, to dance,
participate in bardic, nap etc.  I am VERY excited to do this but I always
want expert input, LOL!  Any and all comments would be appreciated! 
  In Service,
  HL Elisabeth de Calais
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