[Sca-cooks] OOP Convection vs True Bake question

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Thu Jun 28 23:01:28 PDT 2007

Yes, please reply on-list. I saved a few messages from this list back  
in April 2006 with the idea of eventually creating a Florilegium file  
around these and the pros and cons of using them to prepare SCA  
feasts. Unfortunately, none of the few messages that I have, say  
anything about different types of convection ovens although Bear  
posted an interesting message about convection ovens that said

"You can find convection ovens with electric, natural gas, and propane
heat sources.  All of them use electricity to run the blower motors.

While I was looking for a convection oven to install in the house, I  
across a commercial convection oven designed for the catering trade  
with a
rolling rack that had a propane tank attached.   I thought it would  
make a
nice addition to a field kitchen, since you could power the blower  
with a
small generator if you lacked site power."


"True Bake"? Makes me think of those "Easy Bake" "ovens". :-)

<<< Do please reply on-list; I'm in the same boat!


> ---original message---
> Hi all,
> I have a question that hopefully someone here can
> answer.  I am looking to buy a new oven with
> convection abilities.  I have ran into two types and
> can't find any good reviews on them or real pros and
> cons between the two.  They are the "true convection"
> systems with the heating element and fan combination
> in the middle of the back of the oven; and the other
> kind generally called the "speed bake" option, which
> is a regular oven with a fan in the back to circulate
> air.  Has anyone had any experience or recommendations
> they can share?
> Thanks,
> Jervel >>>

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