[Sca-cooks] Beverage Service at Feasts

Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 29 16:29:59 PDT 2007

>On Jun 29, 2007, at 9:03 AM, Michelle LR wrote:
> > Has anyone come up with a good way to handle beverages so that the
> > people
> > are served, but not harassed and not neglected?
>Several events back I bought a few cases of empty wine bottles.  I
>have the people in charge of beverages fill them and leave them on
>the table.  When they're empty they get swapped out for full ones and
>refilled.  The populous seems to like this approach, and it's cheaper
>and nicer looking than plastic pitchers.
>- Doc

In Bright Hills we have nice Armatel(sp?) pitchers that look very nice on 
the tables and our servers check for needing refills as a new course is 
served, or if there is an entertainment intermission they make an extra 
round.  We were lucky enough several years back to get the last of a going 
out of stock for really cheap.

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