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Yes, it does get interesting when there is a lisping chirp from somewhere around your elbow;

"Pardon me, 
MiLady, would you like some water?"

We have a team of teens who have informed us that they WILL serve, and they have no problem with teaching the next generation how to do it. 
I would suggest doing the same-recruit your Teens!  Team them with the enthusiastic younglings, but put a limit on the age and size of the children. I would suggest, given the maturity of your usual SCA child, starting at 8/second grade. 
And certainly put the teens under the Hall Steward. 

Another Meridian

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I need a little help in figuring out beverage service at feasts.  In
eridies it seems the tradition is to have children serve beverages.  I like
his idea in that it provides a way for children to be involved in feast,
eel like they have an important part in the feast (and they do), and keeps
estless chldren from being fidgety during what could be a long feast.  Oh
nd it frees up adults to do other things.  :)  What I dislike is that the
hildren seem to have no training other than, "Take this water/tea/lemonade
itcher from table to table and ask people if they want drinks.  I find this
 bit annoying as I am continually being asked "Do you want water?  Do you
ant sweet tea (it's a Southern Thang)?  Do you want unsweet tea?  Do you
ant Lemonade?"  Sometimes different children making a streaming line past
he table and sometimes one child coming to the table offering each beverage
very 2-3 minutes.  Sometimes they say, "Excuse me" before asking and
ometimes they just ask.   I find this very tiring, especially since I
enerally don't need a refill and none of my table mates needs beverages
ither, yet we each get asked...... often.
Has anyone come up with a good way to handle beverages so that the people
re served, but not harassed and not neglected?
he Honorable Lady Melbrigða Leifsdottir
hoenix Glade, Meridies
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