[Sca-cooks] peerage vigil spreads?

Anne-Marie Rousseau dailleurs at liripipe.com
Thu Mar 1 09:25:49 PST 2007

its pretty standard here in AnTir to at least have tasty beverages, and often snacks as well. it is also 
traditional for the laurels and pels to bring snacks to their first meeting :)

what type of food will very much depend on the person, and the attitude of their friends ;). I've been asked 
to "cater" several and have had a blast matching the menu to their persona.

I tend to do finger foods, stuff that doesnt require any plates or utensiles, and stuf that can sit out on a 
table forever without getting icky (tho it rarely sits around that long ;))

how much will depend on how big the event is, and whether the vigil is friday night or saturday night. as a 
general rule I'll go for "bites". for example, a friends vigil that was friday night of a crown camping event, 
I did "200 bites". a cookie is a bite. a small tartlet is a bite. a couple tablespoons of nuts is a bite. there 
are many bites in a large 8" pie :).

hope this helps :)

On Thu Mar  1  9:48 , Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise  sent:

>Hey everybunny, I got a question...
>In your area of the world, how common is it to have a 
>buffet/munchies/foodzels for a peerage vigil?
>If you have 'em, what sort of food and how much do people usually 
>-- jadwiga
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