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K C Francis katiracook at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 1 14:29:18 PST 2007

Please understand that around here, the cooks ASK for people to contact them 
about food allergies/special dietry requirements.  They answer questions so 
people can make the decision about attenting at all and on a case by case 
basis may be able to add a veggie dish because of the number of vegetarians, 
etc.  And yes, there are people who just show up and eat what they can.

I brought a young man to several feasts who didn't eat dairy or gluten.  The 
menues had ingredients so we were safe on what to choose for him and I made 
sure he got lots of the dishes he could eat.  Everyone was happy.


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>On Feb 27, 2007, at 6:08 PM, Adele de Maisieres wrote:
> > K C Francis wrote:
> >
> >> Here in the West, it is quite common for the menu distributed at the
> >> feast
> >> to have a *complete* list of ingredients for each dish.  And, when
> >> asked
> >> (read begged), the cooks always post their recipe sources and
> >> recipies.  I
> >> cannot understand why one would NOT want to make it possible for
> >> everyone to
> >> safely enjoy what they eat at a feast.
> >>
> > I don't not post recipes/ingredients because I don't want people to eat
> > safely.  I don't want people to use an ingredients list alone to decide
> > what they can eat.  I want them to contact me before the feast so that
> > I
> > can either do what it takes to ensure that they get a good meal without
> > allergy problems or recommend other arrangements.
>That works if you have people who feel comfortable asking for special
>treatment. I know several people who are uncomfortable in doing so.
>They don't want to contact the cook and say that they are vegetarian or
>have problems with ingredient x, with the perhaps unstated implication
>that they are looking for alternative dishes to be cooked especially
>for them. What they would prefer, is to be confident that the menu will
>be sufficiently diverse that they can skip a dish or three and still
>get a reasonable meal from the remainder. And generally they can.
>Having a menu posted with ingredients allows them to make an informed
>decision. If the information isn't available, they won't be calling the
>cook - they'll be going off board. Maybe the feast would have been
>great for them, but they won't know that (except, perhaps, after the
>I'm not saying they are right or wrong in this. It's just what they do.
>David Tallan (SCA Thomas)
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