[Sca-cooks] medieval caviar

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Sat Mar 3 15:44:22 PST 2007

Both caviar and boutarge/botargo (salted dried fish roe) are 
mentioned among the food served to the Ottoman sultan who conquered 
Constantinopolis in 1453, Mehmed II. However, the Ottomans were not 
fond of fish or any other kind of seafood, so it rather disappears 
from the careful registers of what was eaten in the Topkapi Serai. It 
is only in menus of Mehmed II that meals featuring fish and seafood 
appear in the Topkapi within SCA period, so i would assume that he 
was eating what Byzantine rulers before him had eaten.

Nor was it featured in the "soup kitchens" of the imaret established 
by sultans, sultanas, emirs, viziers, etc.

It is likely, however, that it was eaten by other people in the 
Ottoman Empire outside the palace.
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