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Marcha nigsdaughter at satx.rr.com
Mon Mar 5 19:09:12 PST 2007

'Cause I love the cheese on pizza....'member I said I shouldn't have 
it...doesn't really stop this child from eating it. I'm told I make a mean 
deep dish...That way I can control the spices.
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> Pizza is not one of my favorite foods, however, why can't you eat it
> if you're lactose intolerant? Doesn't HAVE to have cheese on it, and
> some of the substitute cheeses are actually edible.
> On 3/5/07, Marcha <nigsdaughter at satx.rr.com> wrote:
>  I find I cannot even eat pizza, canned pasta dishes and especially
> so-called diet frozen dinners have become impossible for me to eat
> because of the spices.  Well, scratch the pizza because I am lactose
> intolerant so I shouldn't have it anyway...and I love a good pizza!
>> I wish the powers that be would understand that spicing something does 
>> not mean peppering the pure unadulterated kaka out it!
>> Just my two shekels worth.
>> Shalom,
>> Bertha
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