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Anne-Marie Rousseau dailleurs at liripipe.com
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What fun!

1. fresh ingredients and hygiene were important to them too...definately
debunk (in every show! :)) the idea that they had crappy food and covered it
up with tons of spices, etc. its amazing how prevalent this idea is still

2. maybe do one on Roman food, one on medieval Europe, one on medieval
eastern, one on Elizabethan? That could be fun to contrast with different
techniques, spicing/palates, souring agents, etc ?

3. be sure to include as many cool medieval tools and pots as possible. Is
it possible to get a real brass cauldron? Or a clay pipkin? Flesh hook? Cone

When I did an "entry level" series on medieval cooking, we started with the
medieval palate and what food could taste like. Sweet-sour.
Savory-spicy-sweet. What ingredients were available (like the new world-old
world food game). That kind of thing. Then we could move into specifics.

Good luck!


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Am Dienstag, 6. März 2007 16:23 schrieb Christina Nevin:
> So if someone was interested in you doing a 2 minute clip on medieval
> cooking (no recipes) once a fortnight on a television show, what would you
> do? What would you cover, or think would interest the general public
> without being too esoteric or too dumbed-down?

Cooking techniques might interest the viewers. How they did it, and what 
results that got them. Will you get to present dishes if not recipes, at 
least? If so, show dishes, various interesting ones, and maybe a comparison 
'above and below the salt' could be good. 

Table manners? I'd love to do a 'feasting according to Tannhäuser' clip. 


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