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Oh I was only wanting to grow it for personal use. LOL I can't imagian if it is sold by the gram raising enough for a feast any time soon hehehe. "temperate climates" something tells me that is not something someone would call central Oklahoma. Well I would not at least. Though bulbs seem to do decent here. I have Iris, tulip, elephant ear, crocrus, and other bulbs.... eh, can't hurt to try right? 

Thanks for the info :) 

ranvaig at columbus.rr.com wrote: >How hard is saffron to grow?

I've read that saffron isn't hard to grow in temperate climates. 
But.. it only grows from bulbs not from seed.  If it is happy they 
will multiply, but buying enough bulbs to have saffron for feast this 
year, isn't going to be an economic solution.

Buying a few dozen and raising a patch for your kitchen's use is 
possible. A dozen bulbs might give you enough saffron for a pot of 
rice this year, and hopefully two pots next year, and so on.  I did 
some research on this a few years back, but we moved before I could 
plant any.

The handwork harvesting the saffron is why it is so expensive. 
Saffron is the stamens of the specific type of crocus flower, and 
each flower only has a few stamens.  Each flower has to be picked, 
and the saffron separated.

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