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Yes, you are correct and I am aware it is a HUGE area :) I have to write an article a week minimum so I have plenty of space to fill :) 
#1 The Audience is both general and academic. I would venture to say most is hobby and school projects though. When they "hired" me (it's an unpaid position) They said your topic is "Renaissance". From there they put no parameters. So far it has mostly been rewrites and edits of previous articles on the site. But I want to make it more scholarly. I found that finding "period" recipes and cooking is not all that prevalent on the net. Thus, I want to include an area on it. 

#2 1400-1600 European, Asian, and African.
#3 I am only good enough at English to use already transcribed materials. (my German and Spanglish are too modern and broken to do me much good any where else)
#4 I am not familiar with the term "gastronomic histories". 
#5 Recipes adapted would be best but to be able to show in historical form would be a nice aside.
#6 Spending is always an odd issue :) And inter library loans are a wonderful thing. 
#7 I am NEVER opposed to used books. :) 

And Lastly, Recipie vs recipe was just the way it came out of my fingers... 
Typos happen "shrug"


Johnna Holloway <johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu> wrote: Renaissance is a huge area. Let's narrow your request down a bit.
Is this intended for a general audience or an academic audience?
What years and countries are you interested in?
Do you want facsimile editions in original languages?
Food or gastronomic histories? Cookbooks with only adapted recipes?
How much do you want to spend? Do you want used volumes?
You might start by looking at what Poison pen Press offers.
Lastly, Why "Recipie" and not ask for cookery or recipe books ?


Siren Song wrote:
> Greetings, 
> I am Siobhan. I am new to your list and really enjoying it's activity :) What I am looking for are some good reference books on Renaissance era cooking. I started writing a column for Bella online last month. I am their Renaissance editor. I want to start doing some more scholarly articles. One of the areas I want to write in is period cooking. I plan to include recipes along with information about how their cheese cake and our cheese cake ( and other foods) do not taste the same but that is not a BAD thing (nor is it a bland thing) , the use of old world spices, actual feast menus, and so on. 
> If you have any resources for these things I would VERY MUCH appreciate the information :D
> Additionally, it is looking like I will be doing a feast for my Barony event in the near future and it will be good homework for that too. :D
> Thanks in advance, 
> Siobhan

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